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Since 1921 Saadeldeen company serves and sources the best tea, throughout generation until the todays forth generation our only mission is to choose premium tea leafs for best blend, to be served to you under ALNaseem tea, Alwaha tea, and Abu Rami tea brands which as assigned with best quality teas since decades.

Our Teas have been and still known as the first choice pure Ceylon tea that delivers cup of perfection and always been the choice worthy of your trust.

Our tea shines through its most exclusive tea tips which makes one of the most exclusive and premium teas in the world. Therefore, Abu Rami Saadeldeen personally works and supervise quality assurance and guarantees that every cup from Naseem tea is the best cup of tea in the world

We are extremely grateful and thankful to you for choosing us for many decades and we committed to keep serving you at our best.




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